i Business Proficiency Course

The 'i Business Proficiency Course' (iBPC) is a collection of five different foundational modules, specially designed for students who need to acquire the essential knowledge in management to enroll into a business programme at Rennes School of Business or to explore the opportunity to sharpen their business skills for a future professional career.

The course is composed of five different modules that will give you essential but solid grounding on theoretical knowledge about business and management. This course will allow you to continue your studies in Business Education or to acquire the basic notions to further develop your managerial skills.


  1. Management and Organizations. Here you will learn about the different ways to organize a business, how people are motivated, and how you can make a difference by putting together teams and a company’s structure.
  2. Supply Chain Management. As you may understand, knowing how goods and services are created and distributed is fundamental for an orderly functioning of not only a company, but also society as a whole.
  3. Marketing. You will become familiar on strategic considerations for successfully promoting or selling the products or services your company is offering.
  4. Finance. How are companies valued, the origins and cost of capital, and how money flows around and the different points to keep in mind when organizing your finances are things you’ll learn in this module.
  5. Strategy. Here you will become familiar with the different ways to evaluate the context where a firm operates and how to keep those elements in mind when elaborating a plan to ensure the success of your firm.

Course Organization

  • For each of the five modules you will have 10 videos of around 10 to 15 minutes each. It’s extremely important that you see the videos, even them twice, stopping and reflecting on the different learning points you will see throughout.
  • After the videos there will be some mandatory readings. Make sure you complete them so you can finally take for each of the videos a 10-question quiz.
  • For each unit, a final test for the module will evaluate your knowledge. It’s important that you pass this test so you can obtain the certificate attesting your proficiency.
  • Once you have completed all modules with their 10 units each, you will have a final test.

Acquire your Official Certificate

All courses can be taken for audit, without academic credit. If you want to get academic credit which you can transfer to other institutions, you might want to get the official certificate. You will receive the certificate attesting your passing the iBPC as well as a transcript with the 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

The official certificate will require you to have watched all the videos, done the mandatory readings, have a 60% passing grade in each of the different tests and the final test, and finally the payment of an administrative fee for the award of ECTS, which are European credits transferable to other institutions if you wish. You will receive then an electronic graduation with a diploma called i Business Proficiency Certificate.

The iBPC will be a fabulous asset for your CV showing that you acquired a solid grounding on business fundamentals by a prestigious  triple accredited business school!

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Module 1. Management & Organizations
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Course Includes

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